Bart Veldhuizen

Bart Veldhuizen has been working in the shipping industry since 1994 on both the banking and non-banking sides. He started his career with Van Ommeren Shipping, a Dutch public shipping and storage company after which he joined DVB bank as a shipping banker working in both Rotterdam and Piraeus. In 2000, he joined Smit International, a publicly listed Maritime service provider active in Salvage, Marine Contracting, and Harbour Towage. After working for Smit in both Greece and Singapore, Mr. Veldhuizen returned to the Netherlands in August 2003 to work with NIBC Bank, a Dutch based merchant bank. From August 2007 until October 2011, he was the Managing Director & Head of Shipping of Lloyds Banking a Group. In this capacity, Mr. Veldhuizen managed the combined Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland’s US$16 billion shipping loan and lease portfolio. From 2011 to 2015, through his private company Swaen Marine, he advised various hedge funds and PE firms on a variety of shipping investments in both the credit and hard asset spaces. Mr. Veldhuizen was previously on the Board of Managing Directors of DVB Bank SE where he was responsible for the bank's Shipping & Offshore franchises. Mr. Veldhuizen holds a degree in Business Economics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Mr. Veldhuizen is a former director of Seadrill Partners LLC and Golar LNG Partners LP as well as a board member of A.R. Investments PTE Ltd, a joint venture between Apollo and the Rickmers Group.