Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. (“Eagle” or the “Company”) (NYSE:  EGLE) is a US-based fully integrated shipowner-operator engaged in the global transportation of drybulk commodities.

Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, with offices in Singapore and Copenhagen, Eagle focuses exclusively on the mid-size drybulk vessel segment and owns one of the largest fleets of Supramax/Ultramax ships in the world.  The Company performs all management services, including: strategic, commercial, operational, technical, and administrative.

Supramax/Ultramax vessels are considered to be the most versatile amongst the various drybulk ship types due both their size and specifications.  With a deadweight (“DWT”) size ranging from 50 to 65 thousand metric tons and a length of approximately 200 meters, our vessels are able to accommodate large cargo quantities and call on the vast majority of ports around the globe.  In addition, all of our vessels are equipped with onboard cranes and grabs, giving the ships the capability to load and discharge cargoes without the need for shore-based port equipment/infrastructure.

The Company provides transportation solutions to a diverse group of customers, including:  miners, producers, traders, and end users.  Typical cargoes carried include both major bulk cargoes (coal, grain, and iron ore) and minor bulk (fertilizer, steel products, petcoke, cement, forest products, and more). Please see Industry page for a more detailed description on drybulk ship types and cargoes.