Paul Leand, Jr

Paul M. Leand, Jr. has served as a Director of the Company since November 2014 and is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Leand joined AMA Capital Partners LLC (“AMA”), in 1998 from First National Bank of Maryland. He was appointed CEO in 2004. He has led the development of AMA’s restructuring practice, helping AMA earn its position as the pre-eminent maritime restructuring advisor for both creditors and companies alike. He has been involved in the restructuring of numerous high yield issues including Golden Ocean, ACL, GlobalOcean, Pegasus and Enterprises, and Horizon Lines. On the offshore side, Mr. Leand has led AMA’s efforts in the restructurings of, amongst others, PetroMENA ASA, Sevan Marine ASA, Remedial Offshore and Equinox Offshore. Mr. Leand has also been involved in numerous M&A roles, including with Golden Ocean, SFL and TECO Transport and also spearheaded the firm’s private equity investments in Chembulk and PLM and Lloyds Fonds. Mr. Leand serves as a Director of Golar LNG Partners LP (Nasdaq). Mr. Leand previously served on the boards of Lloyd Fonds AG (Frankfurt Stock Exchange), North Atlantic Drilling (Oslo Stock Exchange), SeaDrill Ltd. (New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”)) as well as Ship Finance International Ltd. (NYSE). Mr. Leand holds a BS/BA from Boston University’s School of Management.